The Egg Trivias


“Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande” – As we Indians are so familiar with this funny ad; there are so many facts stored in the oval eggs. Just have a look at few of them

  1. Eggshells Are Useful! – Well used the eggs and ready to throw out the shells. Well don’t throw your eggshells away. You can carefully hollow out eggshells to decorate around Easter, use them to start seeds, or help control slugs in your garden. Isn’t that cool!!
  2. Chickens Aren’t the Only Birds That Lay Edible Eggs – Yes duck, quail, emu, goose, and ostrich eggs can all be cooked up.
  3. Say No to Cholesterol with Eggs – An egg usually contains two third of your recommended cholesterol intake, but it turns out this isn’t a big deal. Studies show that regular egg consumption does not increase risk of heart disease.
  4. Endless Cooking Options – The only thing that limits you with the cooking of an egg is your imagination. You can either scramble some eggs for a quick-and-easy healthy breakfast. You can also upgrade to an omelet by chopping some veggies and adding mozzarella cheese with a dash of hot sauce. Or you could make an egg sandwich with spinach and tomato. Or just boil a few eggs, sprinkle them with a bit of salt and pepper, and cut them up for a tasty addition to your salad.
  5. Raw Eggs Can Make Delicious and Safe Food and Drinks – Classic recipes for mayonnaise, Caesar salad dressing, lemon curd, and several cocktails include raw eggs. While salmonella is certainly a concern in using raw eggs or other raw animal products, you can reduce your risk by using the freshest eggs possible or purchasing pasteurized eggs.
  6. Longer Shelf Life – The next time you buy a carton of eggs, notice that the package comes with a Sell By date rather than an expiration date. Your eggs should be edible for a 3-4 weeks after that date, so don’t toss them in the garbage until then. If you’re not sure an egg is still good, take a big whiff of it after cracking. Your nose will be offended by an unpleasant odor if it is no good.
  7. What does the color of the Yolk means – The color of an egg yolk is determined by a hen’s diet. Yes you read it right! Like shell color, it has nothing to do with an egg’s nutritional value. If you crack open your egg to discover a dark yellow yolk, the hen was probably fed green vegetables. A medium-yellow yolk would indicate a diet of corn and alfalfa while a light-yellow yolk could be the result of eating wheat and barley.

So aren’t these amazing for all the egg-o-holics…!!


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