The Cute Story of a Cupcake and a Muffin

One fine day muffin finally asked the most thoughtful question of the generation. “You are sweet and I am sweet too so why are you so popular than me”. To which the cupcakes answered very politely that we both have goodness inside out. Isn’t that cute?

It’s an age-old debate with profound facts that muffin and cupcakes belong to the same clan of sweet bakes yet differ in form and tastes. One is loaded with goodness inside and the other is decorated at top to munch. Once you start loading muffins with things like chocolate and topping them with sugary glazes, it starts getting hard to distinguish it from a cupcake!

Now where to draw the line between muffins and cupcakes? Precisely a muffin is still something that’s relatively healthy. It’s not that sweet yet is made with whole wheat flour and is more likely to be loaded with fruit than candy. A muffin can also be savory instead of sweet. The texture is usually dryer and slightly denser than their cupcake cousins. Cupcakes are, well, miniature cakes. They’re sweet by definition, coming in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet.

Cupcakes are tender and rich with eggs and butter. They are usually eaten as dessert item, not an everyday food. And cupcakes always have frosting. For us, that’s actually the real defining features such as frosting.

So they are close twin aren’t they? Wanna have a taste of few!!!

Stop by us to get the taste of these sumptuous bakes.


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