Fondant Facts !!! Know them all

We all love fondant. The delicate fondant cakes are just ideal for each and every occasion. But do you know how this delectable sugary fondant came into being. Check out:

  • Fondant emerged from the French Word fonder which means “to melt”. So now you know how the soft melted thing is called fondant
  • During the earlier times, fondant was made with rosewater, sugar, lemon juice, egg whites, and gum paste to get that perfect bind of flavors.
  • Now what is rolled fondant? Rolled fondant can be rolled out to cover cakes, but it can also be layered, stamped, cut, formed into figurines and flowers, and molded into beads and other shapes, just to name a few things. The pliable nature of fondant makes it a versatile frosting. Isn’t that great!
  • The reason behind the soft smooth texture of fondant is that the sugar solution is made from is temperature controlled so when the crystals form they are amazingly tiny.
  • Back in the early 16th century, fondant was melted and pastries were being dipped into them. However this kind fondant is still used by some professionals for a smooth, shiny coating on cupcakes, cakes and other bakes.

So next time someone asks you for fondant, now you know it all.


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